Food for Teeth: Top Foods for Strong Teeth

Food for Teeth: Top Foods for Strong Teeth

 As dentists we’re always thinking about how to undo the damage our favorite foods reap on our favorite chompers, but what about eating more of the foods that build stronger teeth in the first place? Here are three dietary champions for your teeth, and tips on which foods are serving them up strong.

1. Calcium – A key component to strong bone structure, calcium in your diet also ensures that your teeth are strong, preventing decay. Dairy is a common source of calcium, particularly milk and yogurt. However, don’t forget about the calcium rich, calorie low leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, and bok choy. Almonds are a tasty, calcium rich snack that even kids will enjoy.

2.  Fiber – Fiber in the diet turns on the saliva faucet, the healthful flow helps create a mineral coating to prevent decay. Think fresh fruits; especially bananas, apples, and oranges, as well as their dried counterparts, such as dates, raisins, and figs. Fibrous veggies are also on the good list, don’t forget about celery, Brussels sprouts, and spinach.

3. Vitamin B aTop Foods for Strong Teethnd Iron – Healthy gums should not be neglected! They support strong teeth, and ward off diseases that cause bad breath and tooth decay. The Vitamin B and Iron found in whole grains help keep gums strong and healthy. Look for whole grain pasta, cereal, and bread products. Opt for brown rice instead of white, or try out a new whole grain such as quinoa or faro.

Remember the foods we eat affect every part of our body – if we want to have a healthy mouth, think about what we put into it!