Get the Facts about Sports Dentistry

Mouth GuardYou love the game, we love the game, but listen up- you need to be wearing a mouth guard! Athletes lose over 5 million teeth each year, which is a frightening number considering tooth loss can be easily avoided. Sports injuries that affect the mouth are expensive, cause physical discomfort, and take time from any professional-athlete-in-the-making’s number one priority: school!

Mouth guards work by preventing hard tissue (such as teeth and jawbones) as well as soft tissue from injury, but only if they fit properly. Just like a helmet, the fit needs to be specific to you or it will feel cumbersome and also prevent you from speaking and breathing properly. Any sporting-goods retailer will likely have a vast array of mouth guards for you to pick from, but which how do you know which one to choose? While different brands and variations may vary, it is collectively accepted by most professionals that the lower-end, one-layer mouth guards pale in comparison to multilayer, self-customizing ones. Though we recommend getting a custom-made mouth guard by your dentist, these are also viable options for protecting your teeth.

When it comes to mouth guards, it is best to stay away from the free ones. The boil-and-bite guards provided by high school and association teams are most likely low quality and will not fit well. By keeping with the lower-end mouth guard you are not only doing a huge disservice to your child, but to yourself. Buying a more expensive mouth guard that fits and protects will pay for itself the first time your child takes an elbow to the jaw and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollar for a dental implant.

There is no doubt that mouth guards are important to have for student athletes, but they are not limited to people between the 12-25 year old age ranges. With people choosing to live healthier and exercise on a day basis well into their 70s and 80s, it is especially important for seniors to take advantage of the provided protection to their teeth. Older people are more prone to injuring themselves especially in accidental ways so it is best to pop in your mouth guard even for a just quick bicycle ride, walk or jog around the block.

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