Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to create the smile they’ve always dreamed of. There are several treatments available that correct various cosmetic problems and the ultimate goal is to create a beautiful, natural smile.

Cosmetic dental services have become largely popular in dentistry and makes up a good portion of business in practices nationwide. Treatments in cosmetic dentistry are performed to correct chipped, stained, misshaped or missing teeth.

Below are some of the correcive procedures we offer at Delicate Smiles:

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening Bright, dazzling white teeth are a staple in the typical characteristics for an ideal smile. As the least invasive cosmetic procedure, whitening is a simple way to transform the mouth’s appearance and restore a patient’s confidence in his or her teeth.

A professional whitening treatment is performed in-office and guarantees immediate results at the end of the appointment. During the procedure, a protective gel is applied to the gums to shield the soft tissue. Another gel is applied to the teeth and a light is shone onto the teeth to activate the gel. Finally, the patient is left with a dramatically whiter smile that will last for many years. Professional whitening offers the strongest and most immediate results.


Teeth BondingMany minor dental issues can be easily repaired using a treatment called bonding. Some of these issues include chipped, crooked or slightly discolored teeth. The dentist will create a filling to match the color of a patient’s tooth that is used to correct any imperfections while maintaining a natural appearance.

The filling used in bonding is the same filling used to fill cavities. Previously, dentists used silver filling for bonding, but it was very noticeable because it did not blend well with the color of the teeth. Occasionally, silver filling is still used as a less-expensive choice for teeth that cannot be seen easily or “baby teeth” that will eventually fall out.

Bonding is a very popular treatment because it has a natural look, is less expensive than other treatments, and can usually be completed in one office visit. Older silver bonding can also be replaced with white filling to improve a patient’s smile.


porcelain veneersVeneers are the most dramatic way to improve the mouth’s overall appearance.

Veneers can reshape the teeth and increase the brightness of the entire smile. They are thin, custom-fit shells made of porcelain that are placed on the visible part of the tooth, becoming its new surface.

Although similar to crowns, veneers do not require as much removal of tooth structure for application. The veneer procedure is also generally less uncomfortable than getting a crown.

Patients interested in veneers should come in for a consultation to discuss the goals and purpose of the treatment. X-Rays of the teeth can be taken at this appointment and used to prepare an order of custom-fitted veneers. A second appointment will be scheduled to prepare the teeth for the procedure, which involves taking a thin layer from the teeth’s enamel. Finally, at the last appointment, the veneers are applied using a strong bonding cement.

Benefits of veneers

  • They have great resistance to staining.
  • They are essentially unnoticeable.
  • They display the look of healthy, white teeth.
  • They can change the shape of teeth if previous shape is undesired.
  • They can be easily replaced if ever damaged.

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