White Fillings

Composite Filling MaterialBefore white fillings were used, dentists used a mixture of silver and mercury to fill and seal cavities. These fillings required more of the original tooth to be removed, which could potentially weaken the tooth.

At Delicate Smiles Dental, we use composite or white porcelain to fill cavities, which can be closely matched to a patient’s natural tooth color. This results in a stronger, safer and more natural looking smile.

If you are searching for a local dentist that specializes in white fillings, look no further than Delicate Smiles Dental. Our use of the latest technology combined with pain-free sedation dentistry options and years of dental experience can help you maintain a great smile for years to come.

With our convenient dental office in Aurora, Colorado, our friendly and caring staff will make every effort to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable dental experience. Call us today to learn more and schedule your appointment!