Taking Care of Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Oral Health Pregnancy
Congratulations! You’re pregnant! First thing first; you need to eat right. You now need to eat right not just for your teeth, but for that new baby you’re caring. As we all know there are a lot hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy, but what most of us don’t know is that these hormonal changes can cause gum disease which will not only affect you, but can also affect the health of your unborn baby. Find out what you should know about taking care of your teeth during pregnancy in our blog!

Here’s a scary fact: pregnancy gingivitis develops in almost half of all pregnancies, but something that’s not scary is that pregnancy gingivitis can be prevented with frequent trips to the dentist. Just because your pregnant does not mean that you should stop your routine dental checkups. Routine dental visits and urgent procedures can all be done during stages of pregnancy. Also don’t be afraid of an X-Ray harming your unborn child. Your dentist will use extreme attentiveness by shielding your belly and thyroid from the rays. Taking good care of your oral health is very important while pregnant and it will reduce or eliminate health complications.

The easiest way to manage to your oral hygiene at home is very simple and we’ve all had this implanted in our heads since we were young, “brush twice a day, rinse before bed, always always always floss” – said every dentist we ever went to. Something that is very common in pregnant women is morning sickness. The acid that runs through your mouth can have damaging affects to your teeth, so you need to brush more often than twice a day if morning sickness occurs during your pregnancy.

Congratulations once again! You’re a new mom! But now you have an intense jam-packed schedule requiring you to take care of your newborn. Even though you have a new life it is very important to continue to keep up with your dental visits and make time. Remember to take care of yourself so you can take care of that little one. For more information, call Delicate Smiles Dental at (303)-340-3330 or click here to schedule your appointment