What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is needed when decay or trauma damage your tooth’s nerve chamber. This area can also be called the ‘pulp’. The nerve chamber holds blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves, which provide nourishment for the tooth. When the pulp is damaged and a root canal is not performed, the tooth will die.

Root Canal

To perform the root canal, the dentist will remove the damaged pulp from the tooth and replace it with a filler that will help the tooth maintain its structure. A crown is usually recommended afterward to help keep the tooth’s shape and protect the root canal that was performed.

Root canals can be done in 1-2 visits depending on the severity of the case, and appointments will take between 30 and 90 minutes.

Symptoms of damaged tooth pulp include minimal to severe pain, tooth discoloration and swelling of the gum tissue. If you are in need of a root canal but continue to put it off, you can experience increased pain, develop abscesses and the tooth will eventually die.

So, now that you know what a root canal is, have no fear! It is a common procedure performed on many patients everyday.

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