What Is The Best Mouthwash to Use?


What is the Best Mouthwash to Use

Mouthwash is a great tool to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. It can seep into areas that the toothbrush cannot reach, wiping away plaque and buildup. However, there are lots of different mouthwashes on the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Here are a few types based on your needs:

For the cavity prone:

If you’ve had a history with cavities, or you are really serious about preventing them, try an anticavity rinse. Brush your teeth before using it, and it will help to restore soft spots and strengthen enamel. ACT Restoring Anticavity and Listerine Anticavity are a few examples.

For the cosmetic conscious:

Are your teeth never white enough for your liking? There are several mouthwashes that list whitening as their main benefit. When used after brushing, it will continue to whiten your teeth throughout the day and get into small spaces that white strips may have missed. Crest 3D white and Colgate Optic White are popular types.

For the organic friendly:

Several mouthwashes use all natural ingredients for a fresher smile. They are typically gluten free, fluoride-free, non-alcoholic and do not contain artificial colors, flavors or fragrances. Natural ingredients can include witch hazel, menthol, natural clove, cinnamon oils and organic tea tree oil. Jason Healthy Mouth Naturally, Tom’s of Maine Natural Mouthwash and Honest Sweet Mint Mouthwash are all organic mouthwashes.

For kids:

The overwhelming mint flavor of most mouthwashes can be a little too much for children, so some brands carry interesting flavors like bubble gum, chocolate, strawberry, watermelon and more. They come in anticavity versions, as well as total care and are often branded using popular TV show or movie characters to encourage use. Almost every mouthwash brand carries a ‘for kids’ version.

For total care seekers:

If you don’t have a specific target for mouthwash and would like to reap all of the benefits, including: fresher breath, cavity prevention, whitening, teeth restoration, and prevention of gingivitis, there are several brands that carry the product for you. Look for Listerine Total Care, Crest Pro Health Multi-care and more.