Why Using Tongue Scrapers are So Important

Tongue Scraper
The tongue scraper. Maybe you thought your vigorous morning tongue rub with the nub of your brush was enough? Maybe you thought that such a primitive looking tool isn’t worth springing a few extra bucks at the drug-store. These days, it seems the dental aisle is a Byzantine stretch of brushes, washes, scrapers and strips that promise sparking porcelain tiles for teeth and hint at everlasting love as a happy byproduct.

So what’s what? You’re jaded at this point and not without cause. You don’t want to run a dental office out of your medicine cabinet. Some of those items are superfluous but the tongue scraper is NOT one of them! It might even land you a dose of coveted everlasting love in time for Valentine’s Day… if in fact your problem is sour breath and not a sour demeanor.

Why? Take a deep, and thorough look at your tongue. It may seem like an innocuous talking tool, but the tongue has the capability to be a vessel for tens of thousands of bacteria that cause halitosis, i.e. bad breath. Look close – you might have a layer of white gunk that adheres to your tongue. You might have little cracks and fissures that spread like a pink Sahara. You might have an population of bacteria that pack in and move faster than a New Dehli subway car and emit a similar smell.

If so (and if you want to prevent this) you need to invest in a tongue scraper. They are curved to do the work in one fell swoop, and designed to rid the tongue of bacteria better than a brush can. See, bacteria breed more bacteria, and unless you hit the reset button you’re just perpetuating the problem. Bacterial overgrowth can lead to gum infections, cavities, throat and even respiratory infections if they get bad enough. Tongue scraping, likewise, can create an increased sense of taste, stimulate your organs and improve your love life.

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